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This challenge focuses on for domestic service robots: robots that have enhanced networking and cognitive abilities and are able to perform socially useful tasks such as supporting the impaired and the elderly. In the initial stages of the competition individual robots will begin by overcoming basic individual tasks, such as navigation through the rooms of a house, manipulating objects or recognizing faces, and then coordinate to handle house-keeping tasks simultaneously, some of them in natural interaction with humans. This is the future of care and through this competition we hope to contribute to an improved quality of life for the people of Europe.

RoCKIn at Work Circuit
RoCKIn Camp 2014
RoCKIn Camp 2014 was aimed at preparing teams for RoCKIn2014, our competition event happening in Toulouse, France in November later this year.
RoCKIn Camp 2014 took place in Rome and was designed as a hands-on weekly school, where teams could acquire new capabilities and/or improve the performance of their systems in the competition tasks. The activities planned in the first four days of the RoCKIn Camp 2014 addressed the following topics: the robot platform and the basic software infrastructure, perception, manipulation and human robot interaction through speech. Each topic included introductory lectures and practical sessions. On the final day, teams had the opportunity to demo what they had been working on over the week in the custom-built RoCKIn@Home and RoCKIn@Work arenas.
Find out more and watch the video from the Camphere.

RoCKIn Camp 2013
RoCKIn Camp 2013 introduced students and researchers from around the world to central concepts of robot competitions and benchmarking through informative lectures and collaborative sessions.

Members of the RoCKIn team covered subjects such as principles for benchmarking robotics; raising awareness and disseminating robotics research; as well as discussion of developing robotics through scientific competitions like RoboCup. In addition to the lectures, attendees got first-hand experience of demo challenges, tests, and hardware and software solutions during the @Home and @Work practical sessions. The Camp was held from June 28th to July 1st, at RoboCup in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

All presentation slides from the Camp are now available on our Publications page.

You can read the profiles on each of the RoCKIn Camp participants and find out where they come from on our RoCKIn world map here

RoCKIn Camp 2013

Testbeds will be designed to allow for the evaluation of the criteria outlined above. The goal is to create internationally recognised and reproducible scenarios that will be released into the public domain -- standardised testbeds that will streamline research and development for the future.


RoCKIn is designed to be accessible and encourage collaboration by having tasks and subtasks of increasing complexity. We will ensure subjective evaluations are minimised and that the quality of sub-system components are recognised as well as success in performing the overall task. Though the careful design and revision of the challenge rules we hope to allow for the comparison of performances across years.

RoCKIn Camp 2013

For RoCKIn we want to lower the barriers to entry, foster collaboration and aid the transition from the lab to the market. That's why in addition to RoCKIn@Work and RoCKIn@Home, we will be running RoCKIn Camp and RoCKIn Field Exercise events as well as various meetings and workshops.

RoCKIn Camp and RoCKIn Field Exercise will accompany the competitive events and provide an opportunity for newcomers to learn about robotics, practice in RoCKIn's testbeads and work in teams to further develop their technology.

Through our social media outreach program, raising the profile of robotics and the open dissemination of results, we also hope to inspire and educate the innovators of tomorrow - the high school students of today.