Workshop on EU Robotics Cluster Regions

21 November

Pavilhão do Conhecimento

As part of RoCKIn2015, we will be holding a Workshop on EU Robotics Cluster Regions. Organized by Madeeli, its main focus will be on bringing together innovative Portuguese robotics companies, along with end-users and investors, to help establish a Robotics Cluster in Portugal and provide opportunities for technology transfer - making academic research into industrial products.

Lisbon is promoting its worldwide image of being a 'Startup City' and the Town Hall is nurturing this initiative. So while you're visiting RoCKIn2015, take the opportunity to network with some of the best Portuguese entrepreneurs in robotics and perhaps create connections for joint ventures in the future.


15:30 Opening and Introduction: "Lisbon as a Startup City", Lisbon Town Hall representative
15:45 Skyscraper Elevator Pitches, Portuguese Robotics Companies
16:45 "How to support companies and academic stakeholders: roles of territories, clusters and international networks", Séverine Rengnet, Madeeli
17:00 What about building a Portuguese robotics cluster?
Roundtable and debate (moderated by Séverine Rengnet/MADEELI, Paulo Carvalho/Lisbon Town Hall and Pedro Lima/ISR-IST). Panel Members:
  • João Mira, Thales Portugal
  • José Santos-Victor, Director of ISR-Lisboa
  • Nuno Lau, President of Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica
  • Pedro Petiz, Head of TEKEVER Autonomous Systems
  • Pedro Ribeiro Santos, Executive Director of Espírito Santo Ventures
17:30 Workshop closes
Madeeli Lisboa IST Lisboa Camara